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After the skinny jean, the make-you-skinny jean

Skinny jeans are old news. This autumn the retail buzz is about a new breed of denim: make-you-skinny jeans.

Innovations in fabric technology seldom make waves beyond the geekier fringes of the fashion industry. But the development of a new super-stretch denim, which uses spring-like construction concealed within the cotton yarn, could interest a wider demographic. The material amazon canada goose parka combines the perennial cool factor of blue jeans with the technology behind Spanx. Denim companies believe there is serious money to be made on the make-you-skinny jean, and are battling best mens canada goose jacket over market share with a slew of new clothes.

“The fabric works on the principle of a coiled telephone spring,” explains Jessica Lawrence, director of design and development at the British denim brand MiH Jeans, of its new Bodycon jean. “Your body is pushing against the outline, but the denim is like a phone cord – it keeps springing back into shape.

Alexa Chung in skinny jeans. Photograph: Wayne Tippetts/Rex Features

“The number one selling point of premium jeans has always been the fit promise. You expect a good jean to make you look a bit cool and a bit sexy,” says Lawrence. “This takes that to the next level.”

Suzanne Pendlebury, buying manager for Matches boutiques, has seen a boom in demand for jeans that flatter: “The J Brand Photo Ready jeans make you appear two sizes smaller – that’s a huge sales driver – and MiH offers super-stretch technology in its Bodycon jean.” Despite costing more than £200 a pair, she canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps says the jeans are flying off the shelves.

Denim is steeped in French and Californian history, but the birthplace of the make-you-skinny jean is Istanbul. Isko, a denim mill based near the city, which supplies denim to mass-market and premium brands, developed the fabric 18 months ago before presenting it to the companies with which they work. “The denim world is obsessed with tradition, but Isko are different because canada goose coat 1000 bulbs free they are really innovative. They approach it as a conceptual textile,” says Lawrence. Having developed prototypes with two new-generation stretch can you wash a canada goose parka fibres wound around one another, Isko has begun developing subtly different versions of the product for a range of labels.

Ilse van Alsenoy, director of women’s merchandising and design Europe for Levi’s, says the brand worked with Isko “to create a high-quality, four-way stretch denim with incredible recovery”. The Levi’s Revel jeans, which at £90 are the lowest priced of the genre, combine the fabric with “liquid shaping technology.” With patent pending, Levi’s declined to reveal details, but Women’s Wear Daily reports that the phrase refers to a liquid chemical buy canada goose coat online formula that is applied to the fabric’s interior using screen-printing techniques to regulate stretch in strategic areas, such as the inner thigh and stomach.

homesite sizes=”620px” srcset=”https://i.guim.co.uk/img/static/sys-images/Guardian/About/General/2013/10/7/1381156614682/Laura-Whitmore-posing-in–001.jpg?w=620&q=55&auto=format&usm=12&fit=max&s=9a77fd2748b4f3295980a389be9e4ceb 620w”>
Laura Whitmore in skinny jeans. Photograph: Rex Features

The make-you-skinny jean marks a significant step in the evolution of women’s jeans as the sector develops a feminine identity, in contrast to the best canada goose coat for skiing usually macho world of denim. “We are all about what women want,” says Jeff Rudes, founder and CEO of J Brand. “This fabric has the buy canada goose jacket online canada guts to make you look slender, but it feels soft, which women care about. There’s no compromise. That’s why it has the best sell-through of any fabric so far.”

More sophisticated design is crucial to this new wave of jean. Previous stretch jeans, or “jeggings”, were quite basic, says Van Alsenoy. The Revel styles have more thoughtful detailing; the whiskering was modelled on the cheekbone-flattering techniques of makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. Lawrence explains that “the traditional ‘back yoke’ of a jean flattens your bottom. We’ve removed that and added darts into the back pocket, which lifts your shape.”

Some smaller brands are facing problems, as demand for the high-specification fabric is outstripping supply. “We’re tearing our hair out, trying to get more,” says Lawrence. At J Brand, Rudes claims to have pre-empted the issue by coming to an arrangement with the mill several months ago. “We knew we were on to something really good here,” he says, “so we made sure we were in a strong position vis-a-vis production. Otherwise we’d end up with a lot of disappointed women. And that’s not good.”

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celine outlet This Oct. 22, 2014, file photo, shows the North American headquarters of automotive parts supplier Takata in Auburn Hills, Mich. Cars and trucks have about 85 million Takata air bag inflators in them that haven been recalled. SIOUX CITY (KTIV) Dr. Dan Ryan is leaving Sioux City to become President at Dowling Catholic High School. Bishop R.

Under the agreement, all of Carnival’s 99 ships, including the Ecstasy, will have to take part in a court monitored environmental compliance program while Princess Cruises is on probation for the next five years. Pollution control laws. Carnival will have to update its policies and training programs and make sure an environmental officer is on each ship.

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celine bags sale cheap celine bags I’m definitely in no mood for a pissing match either. At least your explaination is far more than I got from the region GM rep that contacted me via phone. Yes, I do have 69K miles which on GM’s foreign competitor vehicles isn’t even broken in, let alone broken! I try so hard to keep the buy american spirit but unfortunately the american companies don’t seem to give a crap.

celine bags Headlining this year will be Duke Special Ulaid with special guest Jack O’Rourke on Saturday May 6th at the Town Hall Theatre. When contemporary songwriting and traditional music meet, the results can be something to be treasured. Participants will under the guidance of Marianne Heemskerk be working with techniques of drypoint and carborundum on aluminium plates, and monoprinting; working from their own designs; and experimenting with print techniques and colour.

Amazing and beautiful Pauls Boutique bags are necessary for girls and ladies who have the love of beauty. Paul’s boutique uk is now standing at the top of the fashion. Pauls boutique fashion are made of sumptuous fabric. Last month, a hearing for Dr. Philip Fisher was held in front of the Board of Osteopathy. The board says Dr.

9 inside Marisic’s home at 713 Savannah Drive in Jacksonville, police said.”It’s not what it necessarily appears to be,” said Richard McNeil, the suspect’s lawyer. “It’s not a cold blooded shooting. It’s just kind of a surprising kind of like a perfect storm.”The owner of the Hideaway Lounge in Jacksonville said Marisic and Smith were both seen at the bar playing pool and enjoying some drinks.

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