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Yakubu off to Boro for £6m

Middlesbrough have completed one of the first major transfers for next season by signing Portsmouth’s 22-year-old Nigerian striker Aiyegbeni Yakubu for £6m.

No official announcement of the deal has yet been made by either club and Yakubu will play for Portsmouth until the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews end of the season.But Middlesbrough have reached an agreement with Pompey and with Yakubu’s former club Maccabi Haifa, who are entitled can you wash a canada goose average price of canada goose jacket parka black canada goose parka to 50%of the transfer fee above the £1.5m benefits of canada goose jacket they received from Portsmouth two years ago.

Yakubu is not eligible to join the Teesside club until the next transfer window opens in June, when he will have to undergo a fitness test. Assuming that is a formality, he will become Boro’s latest high-profile forward along with canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews Mark Viduka and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Malcolm Christie and Massimo Maccarone are also on the books at the canada goose coat 1000 calorie diet Riverside as Steve McClaren attempts to assemble a squad that will establish Boro in the best canada goose jacket for skiing top six of the Premiership.

Boro have also moved to secure Stewart Downing’s position at the club by having preliminary discussions about improving canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews the 4-year contract signed by the 20-year-old England winger last year.

“Negotiations are just starting now and there’s a long way to go,” said Downing.”I’ve got a lot to think about and obviously big decisions to make about my future.

“Negotiations have started now and obviously if things are right on the playing side and off the field I’ve got no problem in being here.”

As an endorsement of McClaren it was hardly ringing but Downing is sure to be impressed with Yakubu’s impending arrival.

Also regarded highly by Boro’s north-east neighbours Newcastle United, who gave the impression they had first bite at him around buy canada goose jacket london Christmas time,Yakubu impressed McClaren in the final game of last season when he scored four goals against Middlesbrough at Fratton Park. Boro offered £4.5m for him last summer.

Yakubu scored 16 Premiership goals last season – his first full one in English football – and has reached the same number in all competitions this season.His form clearance, however, has not been as impressive since the public nature of other clubs’ interest emerged and he is understood to have been keen to leave Fratton Park since Harry Redknapp’s departure in November.

The new Portsmouth manager Alain Perrin is believed to have tried but failed to persuade Yakubu to stay.